Company Overview

Who we are:about-1

ms2 is a privately managed, technology company, headquartered in Lexington, KY. Founded by industry experts, ms2 is a leading provider of software and engineering solutions for a range of industries from Energy Commodities and Mining to Power Utilities and Logistics.

Our innovative and cost effective solutions provide businesses real-time situational awareness that is critical in today’s economic environment. Our products allow our customers to effectively manage assets, optimize performance and raise profitability.

We have pioneered our own growth story with a singular focus on delivering customer value. Our unwavering customer centric approach has allowed us to grow organically even in challenging economic conditions.

What we do and how we do it:

Above all, we are a group of creative problem solvers. We think differently and deliver technology solutions that are built on Open-Source technology stack that is not only cost-effective to own, but simple to use, maintain and scale.

We recognize that every business has a unique positioning in the marketplace and a “one size fits all” approach is hardly the answer. Our solution offerings are tailored to the exact needs of our customers and is architected to evolve and scale as their businesses grow.

We listen to our customers and we value their inputs greatly and factor that into our product development philosophy. Our customers have ownership of the solutions we build for them from day one. This creates the kind of engagement that is vital to effective product development.

As a privately held entity, our customers are the only stakeholders we answer to and our singular focus is to solve their everyday challenges.

Our Mission:about-2

Our mission is to deliver innovative software solutions that are high on performance but low maintenance, modular yet scalable and extensible but most importantly affordable and a joy to use.

Our promise:

To deliver unrivaled support and services, striving to understand the unique needs of each customer and delivering solutions that are customized to address the challenges of their respective business environments.