Commodity Business Solutions


CBS®, the flagship product from ms2, is uniquely positioned in the energy industry. It is known for its ease of use, superior handling of all aspects of physical trading, robust and powerful reporting capabilities and reduced TCO. While CBS is optimized for managing the entire revenue cycle of Coal, it is a highly configurable product and can be customized to service the requirements of the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industry segments.

CBS® was conceived & developed by engineers who have a deep understanding of the energy commodities and mining industries. It continues to be refined, in keeping with the changing dynamics of the commodities market, with constant input from our customers and industry.

CBS’s flexible open-source architecture and light footprint is a time tested solution that has been proven to significantly reduce TCO for our customers. Our growing list of clients which includes both public and privately held coal mining and coal trading companies bears testimony to our ability to deliver cost effective solutions that allow our customers to improve productivity.

CBS® captures and provides up to the second information on resource positions & financials with the granularity and precision demanded by the commodities business – tracking grades and qualities, pricing, premium & penalties, reject limits, margins, contract status and order history and everything you need to manage the entire revenue cycle of your business operations. It is a unique system that was built from the ground up to handle the complexities of the physical trading business.


Key Features & Functionality

In order to efficiently capture all the relevant aspects of coal commerce, CBS® is organized under five primary modules:

  • Security & Administrative
  • Component setup & management
  • Transactions
  • Accounting
  • Reports & Analytics

Each module includes sub-menus, delivered through an intuitive graphical user interface that is backed by robust and time tested workflow management and business processes riding on a flexible and scalable technology stack that draws heavily on open source tools and technologies to deliver industry leading performance in a package that reduces complexity and enhances management controllership.


Why CBS® ?

Designed for Coal commerce from the ground up

  • CBS was conceived & developed specifically for managing physical coal commerce.
  •  Unique data model designed to handle the complexities of the physical coal business coupled with powerful tools that use linear programming and statistical methods.
  • Continuously updated with valuable inputs from industry and experts in the field.


Robust Technology Stack

  • Multi-tier and component based architecture that is flexible and scalable.
  • Leverages Open Source technologies wherever possible to reduce overall cost of ownership.
  • Architecture allows client server based access for network LAN users or web-enabled interface for access via Notebook, Tablet or Smart-phone for certain functions.
  • Interfaces available for integration with other in-house applications such as ERP or DW systems.


Ease of Use

  • Superior usability and performance.
  • Customizable role based access.
  • Users can personalize views and menus to their exact preference.
  • Strong reporting and analytics capabilities.



Product Preview
A. Component Set-up



B. Contract Specs & Premium/Penalty Setup

contractSpecs penaltySetup


C. One-stop scheduling



D. Blending Optimization



E. Invoicing



F. Analytics


To know more about the powerful features of CBS® or any of our other products, give us a call today.