Coal Geology Workbench

Coal Geology Bank, CGB® is a comprehensive relational data storage system for recording drill hole and channel sample data.

CGB has user friendly menus for maintaining, viewing, retrieving, and printing information on geology and quality. It outputs lisp files for hole-plotting and ASCII files for gridding on third party programs. It also outputs data in MS-Excel formats for integration with other gridding and mine planning programs.

Some of the noteworthy geology features of CGB include descending or ascending horizon sequencing, data exclusion during retrieval by horizon notes, horizon reassignment, rock unit query above or below a seam and much more. Some of the coal quality features include detailed washability data by size, proximate, ultimate, mineral analysis, sulfur form, acid base calculation, fixed quality retrieval, multiple gravity retrieval and simplified plant simulation.

CGB has a very small system footprint and can therefore be deployed on a standalone workstation and yet powerful and scalable to suit the needs of large operations on enterprise scale servers.

CGB Salient Features:

  • Built on a completely Open Source RDBMS backend
  • Unlimited number of drill holes
  • No limit on horizon (interval increments) per hole with lithology code
  • Horizon note option for data exclusion during retrieval
  • Complete coal quality storage facility: by specific gravity, by mesh size, raw analysis, short proximate, ultimate, mineral, temperature, sulfur form, trace element, met coal analysis, and more
  • Easy ASCII data export/import features
  • Easy access to any open database platform via ODBC

Report Features:

Smart hole selection option:  By tagging, by “Hole symbol”, by “Hole-Id” look-a-like, within a polygonal boundary, and/or within a hole list file

Geology Retrieval:  Thickness by multiple lithologies (wild character * is allowed in lithology search): coal, bone, parting, and other rock unit thicknesses

Quality Retrieval:  Cumulative calculations of multiple size sample

     Single Gravity:  

  • Raw or washed quality at any gravity by mesh size
  • Fixed quality retrieval

     Multiple Gravity:  

  • Plant simulation
  • Distribution curve, theoretical, and straight separation
  • Plant bypass and OSD options
  • Quality and Geology Thickness Reconciliation

Summary Reports:  Database dump reports of all geology and quality data

Hole Plot and Gridding Support: 

  • DXF file generation for column plot with hatch patterns of selected holes, within a specified horizon range and a reference horizon connection option
  • ASCII file generation for directly importing data into a third-party gridding program.

Product Preview

A. Main menu


B. Geology EIP


C. Quality


D. Hole Header & Geology Data Export


What industry leaders are saying about CGB®


What industry leaders are saying about CGB®

Joe AndrewsSenior Geologist, Anker Energy Corporation
"I've used computerized geologic data bases since the mid-80s and know of no program better than CGB for storage and retrieval of geologic data pertaining to coal. The program is easy to use, data can be stored in abbreviated or detailed form and retrieval options are numerous. The coal quality options are particularly sophisticated. Retrievals by gravity or by constant quality or by multiple gravity can be made. Distribution curves and other factors such as dilution and bypass can be incorporated into the quality retrievals. The emphasis in CGB is not on graphics, but DXF files for detailed columnar plots can be generated and data is easily exported to other systems for mapping and other purposes. CGB has been Anker's principal geologic data base for several years and we rely upon it heavily."
Ken FishelPresident, Fishel Geological Consulting, Inc., Lexington, KY, Professional geologist with over 30 years of experience in the mining industry.
"I found CGB to be a user-friendly database that fulfills all of my requirements for a geologic database. Drill hole data and quality data are quickly and easily entered and verified; horizon notes can be added for selective retrieval of information; thicknesses and intervals of lithologic units can be retrieved accurately; retrieved data is seamlessly imported into Surfer for gridding and contouring; and detailed cross-sections can be generated and imported into AutoCAD for editing and plotting."
Greg CornettExploration Manager, Kentucky River Coal Corporation.
"CGB is a powerful data management tool that I would recommend to anyone who works with subsurface information. Its ability to store, retrieve, and manipulate both lithologic and geochemical data provides the ability to rapidly map and display any number of attributes when used in conjunction with most popular gridding and contouring applications. Also, I have found software support, training, maintenance, and customization to be responsive and cost effective."
Gary OwenChief Geologist, Jim Walter Resources, Inc., over 20 years of experience in the mining industry.
"Since acquiring CGB in 1999, I doubt that there has been one day in ten that I haven't made use of it. I started coal geology work in 1978 using myler prints and hard copy drill logs to calculate and build geologic maps. Now, with CGB, I can sit down at the computer and within few minutes the plotter is producing a map that, in those days, would have required a week or more to complete. CGB has become as indispensable as the computer itself."
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