Coal Analysis Workbench

CLB® is a comprehensive coal analysis workbench system that also supports compliance reporting requirements for various government agencies. It is designed to enable third party Quality Testing outfits manage complex laboratory data and results in a structured relational format that is accessible through an easy to use and intuitive graphical user interface. Further, the exhaustive reporting capabilities set CLB® apart from the competition.

Listed below are some of the noteworthy features of CLB:

      • Centralized and secure data repository in a multi-user environment
      • Sample  registration by client and analysis category
      • Sample Tracking
      • Lab Journal
      • Train Analysis
      • Core hole analysis  & data generation for Geology database  (CGB)
      • Quality Assurance & Control : Repeatability check, 4M Re-prep check, Analysis range check
      • Robust reporting capabilities
      • Data export features for external systems integration
      • Invoicing module for generating invoices for analysis services.

Besides providing a cost-effective way for independent labs to efficiently manage and track sample data in a secure multi-user system, CLB delivers on the following counts:

      • Simplifies workflows  and in turn reduces the turn-around time  per analysis
      • Provides real-time management of data for technicians
      • Facilitates bird-eye view of lab operations for management
      • Improves quality of delivery by identifying errors at various checkpoints in the workflow and also alerting users of potential discrepancies in the data early in the lifecycle of an analysis
      • Increases the overall productivity of the operation.

Product Preview

A. Main Menu


B. Analysis Summary


C. Report Menu


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