Bulk Terminal Management System



Inventory management and transloading of bulk commodities is unlike any other. Implementation of commercial off-the-shelf inventory management systems is rarely successful in handling the unique requirements of this business.  iDock was developed specifically as a “Bulk Terminal Management System” providing all the features and functionality required to manage a Bulk Terminal operation – be it an open stockyard, flat shed or a silo complex. Intrinsic within the software are features that allow  terminal operators to manage various commodities such as coal, ores, aggregates, biomass, fertilizers, animal feeds, grain & other agricultural products as well as discrete products such as steel-coils, plates & bars, tin & pig iron.

Why iDock® ?

Designed for Dry Bulk Terminals from the ground up

  •  iDock was designed & developed specifically for managing physical commerce at dry bulk terminals.
  •  Flexible data model designed to handle the complexities of the physical business coupled with powerful algorithms that leverage linear programming and statistical methods.
  •  Ability to monitor and report up-to-the-minute data on inventory by customer by stockpile & product and track the entire revenue cycle of dock operations.

Ease of Use

  • Superior usability and performance
  • Users can personalize views and menus to suit their individual preference
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics capabilities that provide management a bird’s eye view of the business.

Robust Technology Stack & Data Security

  • Multi-tier and component based architecture that is flexible, secure and scalable.
  •  Architecture allows both client application based access for Intranet users and optional web-enabled “Anytime Anywhere” access for associates on the go from any device – notebook, tablet or smart-phone.
  •  Robust and secure data model with customizable role based access and logging for audits and traceability.
  •   Allows integration with third party systems such as ERP, Accounting and other downstream systems.

Significantly Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  •  Leverages open source technologies to reduce total cost of ownership significantly over comparable solutions.
  •  Application has a light system footprint and can be deployed on even a small workstation or a server depending on your transaction volume, keeping deployment costs low.

The Business case for iDock®

Choosing iDock® as your Terminal management solution can result in significant cost savings and increase revenues delivering a fast return on your investment dollars. iDock® achieves this in the following ways:

  • Increased situational awareness resulting is lower demurrage, less pilferage & material loss.
  • Reduces operating & administrative costs by increasing efficiency & productivity.
  • Increases revenue by allowing higher throughput.
  • Increases customer satisfaction and loyalty due to error free and transparent billing.
  • Increases opportunities for added revenue by offering value added services to client. such as historical reports and analytics.

Because of the robust technical architecture of iDock®, the cost of deploying and maintaining the software is much lower than other off the shelf products in the market-place.  Add to that the extremely affordable licensing cost and in iDock® you have a platform that is easy on your pocket books and the cost benefit analysis makes for a compelling business case.

Most iDock® clients have realized payback on their investment dollars within 18-24 months.

Product Preview:
A. Transactions Overview



B. Truck Scale Integration



C. Reports

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