Our Clients


Karen KlaseAccounts Manager, Cincinnati Bulk Terminals
“We chose ms2 because of their reputation of being a highly responsive and cost-effective solution and service provider. We leverage CBS for managing our physical trading operations and i-DOCK for our Transloading business. Both platforms offer up to the minute visibility into our operations and further-more provides extensive reporting, powerful search and visual analysis capabilities. ms2 finds creative technical solutions for complex business scenarios. This is also what sets them apart from the competition. I highly recommend Ms2 ’s solution offerings to any business in the physical commodities trading or Transloading verticals”.
James "Toby" Hatfield, IIIVice President, River Trading Company
"The CBS software has been an extremely useful platform for us. Every part of the program is well thought out and provides us with the information we need to effectively manage our business. The people at ms2 are professional, knowledgeable and offer excellent service."
Sally WolfeTrading and Logistics Specialist, River Trading Company
“I am a big fan of CBS. After being in the industry for over 31 years, I can appreciate the leaps and bounds that have been made in order to make it easier to manage a wealth of information and CBS has made it so much easier for us to manage our complex coal trading operations. I would highly recommend CBS to any business in the Energy Commodities or Transloading industries”.